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What is CrossFit?

This affiliation serves as a philosophical foundation for our definition of fitness. We believe that the best representation fitness is broad and inclusive and that average individual is best served by not specializing.

There are however many cases when an individuals specific goals require specialization. At CTOWN we support the individual by sharing our assessment of risks and benefits of any such specialization.We hold a belief that constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity (CVFMHI) has a unique ability to effectively and efficiently move many towards their personal and individual goals.

Integral to this view of fitness and personal development is the belief that the being part of a community or a team amplifies ones chances for success.While everyone can do CrossFit, not everyone should. At CTOWN you will always be looked at as a unique individual with personal and specific goals. Where the CrossFit methodology of CVFMHI is wholly or partly applicable and represents a best practice it may be used. Where this methodology does not serve the individual, other methods will be employed to achieve the desired end goal.

 CTOWN supports our local athletes and community members who chose to participate in the sport of fitness through local, regional, national and international events offered by various third parties or CrossFit Inc.

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